YerbaBuena Perry


1 Perry Street




You have no excuse not to try a place that offers one hour of unlimited brunch cocktails and actually serves good food. Further, it radiates party vibes all day long, so it should always be on your shortlist whether you’re deciding where to go for brunch or dinner.

The waitstaff are incredibly friendly and accommodating. Not only did they give us a free round because they didn’t think our table was big enough for our party (it was), but they also drank with us and continually boosted our experience throughout the entire meal. It’s all about the little things, right?

I could eat watermelon fries all day. I know, I know – you think fried watermelon is really bizarre. I did too, but the truth is they’re juicy, sweet, and lightly fried – what else could you possibly ask for in a side dish? A must order.

As is expected at a Mexican joint, you gotta get the guac. It’s chunky (YES) and mixed with chipotle and fresco for a little kick in every bite. The baja-style tilapia tacos, my personal favorite, were also fire (pun partially intended – they’re a little spicy and a lot awesome). Fresh fish garnished with chipotle-mango slaw? Yes please.

With so many awesome dishes, you have to expect that some may not stack up to the others. The black cod was good, but the spiciness tasted weird on such a light fish and I don’t suggest settling for a good dish when you can have a great one instead. If you really want more fish (in addition to the fish tacos, I mean), try getting someone to split the paella with you.

Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to go now (and consume a LOT of watermelon fries). Soon people are going to realize it’s better than either Empellon (and 10 times as good as Dos Caminos) and not only will it be harder to get a table, but it will also be full of tourists and what my marketing professor refers to as the “late majority”. Those people are not part of the fun vibes I was talking about.

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