City Tap House

3925 Walnut Street

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Our first Philly review had to be a Penn-relevant spot. Want to go out to eat but don’t want to cab anywhere? Want to go out but not get wasted? Need a place to take your parents? Want to play quizzo? You can do any and all of these things at Tap House. Convenience is awesome.

As you may have noted from the name, Tap House has a great beer list. Each option posts a quick description as well as the alcohol content, but the bartender and waiters know their shit, so feel free to ask for recs! The alcohol selection at the bar is pretty extensive, so even if you’re not feeling beer, you’ll still have plenty of options (yes, you can get a vodka soda).

The food at Tap is fine. A good rule of thumb: if it’s priced above $15, you’re wasting your money.

I always tend to lean towards the burgers, especially the turkey burger with avocado, brie, and a curry aioli. Apparently it won an award for best burger a couple years ago. I sort of see why – it’s flavorful, juicy, and thick enough that it isn’t overwhelmed by its enormous bun — but it didn’t rock my world. You can’t go wrong with the lamb and classic burgers, either, but I’d avoid the veggie burger. It’s kind of dry and sad. The burgers won’t change your life, but they’re satisfying, well-priced, and unique enough. Without question, always substitute for sweet potato fries.

For some bar snacks or bites for the table, I pick the pulled pork nachos, tartufo pizza (fyi it’s a white pizza), and bbq pork flatbread. The nachos are loaded with cheese and jalapeños and all that good stuff, and if one of your friends orders it you’ll need to grab some because there is no way the smell won’t make your mouth water. The tartufo pizza isn’t too heavy and the egg in the middle provides and interesting touch, and the bbq pork flatbread is just a staple, simple as that. Skip the wings, they’re not very flavorful and certainly underwhelming.

Oh, and I almost forgot: when the weather’s not sub-zero (I don’t even remember what warm feels like), they have a giant terrace you can chill on, and if it’s chilly they have fire pits to warm up by. Ideal in October or March, but maybe forget about this fact for now.

I apologize for the food photography. I’m working on it.

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