Day by Day


2101 Sansom Street (Rittenhouse)




There is an overabundance of great brunch spots in Philadelphia, but somehow every weekend, like clockwork, my Instagram feed fills up with red velvet pancakes from Green Eggs Café or the challah stuffed French toast from Sabrina’s. I know, I know – those places are “ahhhh-mazing,” but there are definitely other options worth exploring. It’s not hot, new, or unheard of, but Day by Day is a Philly must-visit brunch spot.

The full brunch menu is only available on weekends, but they include brunch favorites on their weekday menu as well. Helloooo pancakes and eggs on a Friday.

The smoked salmon and onion omelette seems typical, but it’s actually one of the best I’ve ever had (and this is Joodie, so I’m essentially a salmon-and-eggs expert). Somehow the salmon flavor is infused into every bite of egg, and the dill sour cream smeared on top really does the dish justice. The eggs (your way) over chorizo and sweet potato hash is a more creative egg option. The chorizo is perfectly cooked and tastes like a breakfast meatball, and its heat is nicely balanced by the sweet potato. I like to order my eggs over easy so I can mix the yolk into the hash, but I bet it would taste great scrambled as well.

To satisfy a sweet tooth, look to the banana chocolate chip pancakes (shout out to Joj) or the special French toast (flavor posted on the giant chalkboard daily). Last time I went, the special was banana bread stuffed French toast. Fire.

No restaurant is perfect, so let us briefly mention the drawbacks. Day by Day doesn’t take reservations and gets exceptionally crowded on weekends, so you’re always going to have to wait. However, they do two great things to offset this tragedy – A) Free tasters of their fresh baked breads, muffins, and cakes and B) They take your phone number so you can go explore Rittenhouse until they text you that your table is ready.

Next time you’re deciding where to brunch, include Day by Day on your short list.

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