Honey’s Sit n Eat


2101 South Street

215-732-5130 (no reservations, though 😦 )



My relationship with Honey’s is a beautiful one. She’s there for me on a beautiful Sunday when I want to take a short walk over the South Street Bridge, or on a Friday after formal when I’m, well… in need of hangover food. Somehow, walking into that industrial-turned-“home sweet home” space is always comforting – maybe it’s the constant smell of bacon and biscuits wafting through the air, or the fact that they serve breakfast all day, every day.

Forget the lunch side of the menu – you’re here for eggs and pancakes. None of the food is going to change your life, but it will take you right back to Sundays on your couch when you were 6, and that’s an excellent feeling. Every table comes with 6 types of hot sauce and ketchup so you can have your favorite sauce with your meal. O.

On your first visit, pick a dish with a ”*” next to it. My favorites are the biscuit egg sandwich, the LEO (lox eggs onion, come ON), and three-egg omelette (you get to choose any three toppings with it, and they give some interesting options like veggie sausage, brisket, and jalapenos). The star gives you the power to choose two of six accompaniments to your meal, and you’re going to pick the onion and cheese latkes and a biscuit. The Jewish-meets-South menu is startling, but Honey’s makes it work.

If you’re starving, opt for the ever-gluttonous breakfast bomb or honey cristo. The breakfast bomb consists of scrambled eggs tucked nicely into a giant, folded pancake (and it has a * !), and the honey cristo is a monster French toast stuffed with ham and swiss, then topped off with two sunny eggs. These will put you in a happy, happy coma for the day.

Don’t forget about the specials board. Similar to the theme of the restaurant, the specials are always slightly eccentric, yet surprisingly tasty. I once had pancakes mixed with truffle oil, French fries and bacon. It was awesome. Occasionally they have fried pickles, and those are BOMB – don’t miss ‘em if you see ‘em.

The last great thing about this magical joint is that it’s BYOB. Bring some champagne and order a pitcher of fresh squeezed orange juice, and you’re on your way to the best brunch ever.

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(images from Urban Spoon and Eat Drink and Run Philly).


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