Rosa Blanca


707 Chestnut Street



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How is it possible that Rosa Blanca and Jones, my two favorite comfort food spots, are situated across the street from each other? It’s not fair because if I eat at/order in from one, I feel like I’m cheating on the other. That being said, while Jones is great it is definitely better delivered, so if you find yourself hungry on 7th and Chestnut, step right into Rosa Blanca.

Walking in, Rosa Blanca is your average retro diner with a little Spanish flair. Walk into the dining room, though and the whole place gets spruced up, including waiters sporting bow ties. Try to grab a booth, and get comfortable.

Rather than a traditional bread basket, Rosa Blanca starts you off right with cheese bread that tastes like a sweet cheese biscuit, which tastes great alone and pairs perfectly with the chipotle dipping sauce (spice haters, rejoice – it’s pretty mild). The service is pretty quick, so it won’t be long before you have a big fat empanada and a bowl of fresh, light guacamole sitting in front of you (order the guac and an empanada).

Because it’s a “diner” (ok, I don’t think Garces can pull off a true grimy diner because of his commitment to culinary excellence, but go with me here), there’s breakfast all day, which may cause some anxiety when you’re sitting at a dinner table at 8pm wondering whether you should go for it or be a normal human and get a sandwich. Luckily for you, both are great options. In terms of sandys, go for the cubano (pork alert for the kosher kids) or the pan con bistec, a shredded beef sandwich full of juicy goodness. Of course, if you opt for breakfast, you can’t go wrong with eggs your way and a choice of sides (I chose arepas as mine, and it was fantastic). The sanduches and desayunos are where Rosa Blanca succeeds, so don’t waste your money on the less exciting and more expensive entrées.

Rosa Blanca kills the dinner game, but the dessert isn’t so sweet (get it?). We got excited about the milkshake section of the menu, and every single one disappointed. The consistency is a little watery, and the flavors don’t taste at all like how you’re imagining them. It was a disappointing end to the meal, but not bad enough to change my opinion that Rosa Blanca is a phenomenal way to change up your usual meal rotation.

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