110 S. 13th Street

215.546.9300 / OpenTable


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Barbuzzo is the kind of place that works for everyone and everything. Whether heading out with a foodie or picky eater for a date, casual dinner or birthday celebration, it always fits the bill and makes us all happy. Okay, maybe it would suck as a place to drink too much and break things, but if you’re feeling even the least bit mature, it’ll work.

Let’s start with dessert. If you’ve been in Philly for more than five minutes, you know about the salted caramel budino. For the less informed, it’s basically a mason jar full of the best stuff on earth – dark chocolate, vanilla caramel, sea salt. In fact, it’s so good that I’m not even embarrassed to admit I’ve used my fingers to scoop up every last bite. After you try it you won’t want to share, so get your own.

The rest of the menu is best done family style. To start, go for a pitcher (or six) of sangria, the sheep’s milk ricotta (so fluffy) and chicken liver foie mousse (so buttery). Scared of liver? Here’s some inspiration from my Flywheel instructor: do something that scares you every day. Dooooo it.

For your main course, pizzas and pastas are where it’s at. You want the mortadella pizza, with pistachio pesto and white sauce and the fico with figs and gorgonzola cheese. Fancy pizza is #trending, and instagramming the pretty pies is a great way to convince people you eat if you’re one of those people who in reality had one bite and was “so stuffed.” In terms of pasta, the tagliatelle with lamb and lemon and the tubbetone calabrese with pork ragu are excellent Sunday night comfort food.

For all of my carb-averse, healthy friends, you can still get a light, perfectly grilled bronzino, or try something a little heartier, like the grilled octopus. For friends who still eat like they’re 10, there’s a margarita pizza and shortrib meatballs. See? There really is something for everyone!

This place is your new go-to for just about any occasion you can think of. Hale yeah, Barbuzzo.

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