Tuk Tuk Real


429 South Street

267 639-2396 / OpenTable



Tuk Tuk Real is real dank.

You get brownie points for suggesting it to your friends since it opened last month, and it comes from the same folks who own Circles (you know, that place you order Thai from on GrubHub). Further motivation? An appetizer, guac, 2 entrees, and dessert cost $30.

You’ve probably never heard of most of the meat options listed, but thankfully the friendly servers will spend as much time as you need explaining the entire menu for you. Suadero is braised beef? Who knew. No matter what you pick, whatever comes out of the kitchen is probably going to look (and taste) damn good.

Cheese is melted all over the shell of the burritos. Globs of mixed cheese and cactus are sandwiched by crisp wafers to make up a phenomenal-looking quesadilla. The tacos are stuffed with meat and topped with fresh, bright ingredients. One tiny complaint: the taco shells are a little tasteless and fall apart way too easily. The same meats are offered for both the burritos and tacos, and our favorites were the lemongrass carnitas (shredded pork) and suadero.

The Moo Ping Pao Buns (read: pork buns) are the best way to start the meal. The buns are sweet, and I realized they look like thai tacos which is cool. The pieces of meat are fatty, juicy and flavorful. Hale yeah. As you would in any Mexican joint, get the guac. It’s creamy and a little sweet, and they give you an extra basket of chips with it so you can experience more of the oily, crunchy goodness.

For dessert, go for the churros. The dough is perfectly undercooked and smothered with thick, flaky clumps of cinnamon sugar. It comes with this weird rice thing which you probably won’t like, but the churros are ridiculous. Get them.

Get on your motorized rickshaw (termed “tuk tuk” in Thailand, duh) and cruise down South Street to Tuk Tuk Real.

Tuk Tuk Real on Urbanspoon

(photos from Tuk Tuk Real Facebook Page)


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