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1620 South Street



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My friend Annie suggested we try out Miles Table. I begged her to switch to Honey’s, but she told me she was already there waiting for me and a few friends so we had no choice but to check it out. HOLY FUCK, ANNIE, THANK YOU.

We were seated right away on a Saturday at 12:30. Step one to a great meal, in addition to the fact that the space is open and bright and water is served in cute little mason jars. The only problem we encountered while ordering was picking just one dish. The everyday menu is pretty basic – bacon egg and cheese, avocado toast, salad, burgers. Can’t go wrong there, right? But then there’s a magical, lengthy list of “brunch specials” that would make a nun swear.

If you’re a caffeine junkie like I am, the first thing you should do is make sure to order some. For a restaurant, this place knows how to do it. The coffee was strong, similar to the coffee at HubBub, and definitely did the trick to cure the mind numbing pain a college student typically experiences on a Saturday morning.

The butternut squash pancakes (what?) with an apple ganache-like sauce was out of this world, and certainly the hit of the day. Despite the fact that we were all full after each eating one pancake, we kept trucking at the plate until the entire thing was clean because leaving even a crumb of that pancake would be a grave sin. It was sweet but not too sweet, and the texture was smooth and sort of creamy. I would make love to these pancakes anyday.

The avocado toast was also pretty great. The thick piece of toast didn’t get soggy under layers of avocado slices and runny eggs. However, I will say that the flavor was a little weak, and I definitely am glad I threw some hot sauce on (Did I mention they have sriracha and an assortment of hot sauces sitting on the table? They know the way to my heart).

The more basic plates, like the BLT and “make your own” omelette, seemed to be kind of what you’d expect from a solid diner. Satisfying, definitely worth the money, but nothing to write home about because honestly if you can’t make a proper BLT you probably wouldn’t own a successful restaurant.

Go for classic American brunch on a day where you don’t feel like spending an hour waiting for a table at Green Eggs (which should be every day). The services is friendly, the food is good, and you’re good to go.

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