People Who Eat: Sara A.

Some of you may know her as “Saddle,” and others may not know her at all (sucks to be you rn). To all of her adoring fans, Sara is known for her obscene commentary on everything from the last conversation she had with her mother to what she did last night. Sara’s favorite question to ask is, “Are you going to die tonight?” and I can tell you for certain that you will die (die laughing, obviously, this isn’t The Ring) reading her post.
What’s your favorite place to eat dinner on campus? Also, what do you usually get there?
Nom Nom Ramen for Karai Miso.
You are going to die in 2 hours. Where are you headed for your last meal? 
Eataly for as many different kinds of mozzarella balls as possible.
What food best describes your sex life?
Cheese wiz. Idk why but feels right.
What byo is your favorite for getting rowdy?
What’s your best food-related memory from your Penn experience?
-Going to Ocean Harbor in Chinatown where they bring carts of food right to you like you’re royalty.
-Postmating Metro bagels when I’m hungover even though it’s on my block.
Are you a betch who brunches? Where?
Duh. Parc bitch.
Where are you headed pre- and post-darty?
Allegro’s 5 times throughout the darty.
What’s your Jimmy John’s order?
Favorite place to #treatyoself?
Zesto’s or Allegro’s? Greek lady or Allegro’s? 
Allegro’s forever.
Where is the frattiest place to eat? 
Out of everyone you know, who can eat the most?
Me, Kay Lu, Kelsey Douglas, Benatar.
What’s the best thing you can cook? 
Hard boiled eggs.
Where’s your coffee from? 
La Columbe at Wishbone. hidden secret

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