People Who Eat: Eric U.

This is Eric. Eric is the best person to eat with because he has a freaky fast Jewish boy metabolism, so he can eat all things #phat and be okay with it. Whenever you’re in need of pounds of cheese or doughnuts from Reading Terminal, Eric’s your dude.
What’s your go-to hangover meal?
Koch’s. Restaurant School Special, replace the cole slaw with potato salad (shoutout to Shayna F. for teaching me).
What food best describes your sex life?
Challah French Toast: classic Jewish but has some room for creativity.
What BYO is your favorite for getting rowdy?
Don Memo’s RIP. Lolita and Tres Jalapenos no longer BYO…why’s it so hard to have a margarita and a taco these days? I guess Isabel by default.
Ed note: #margswithmygirls
Where is the betchiest place to eat?
Fig & Olive if New York counts.  Parc otherwise (but Parc is whatever the boy version of betch is. I will coin a new word, the Zelmaniest place to eat).
How do you feel about kale?
I feel great about kale.
Favorite date spot?
Are you a betch who brunches? Where?
What do you order into Huntsman?
Fuck huntsman.
Where is your favorite place to order from on GrubHub?
Ed’s has been there for me since day 1.
Favorite place to #treatyoself?
Sampan. Drinks on drinks (but not fishbowls).
Ed note: Eric recommends the General Tso Soup Dumplings.
What’s your favorite place to eat lunch on campus? What do you usually get there?
New York Gyro. Chicken over rice. Key to understand the differences between each vendor though. 38th and walnut means no class for the rest of the day. Outside the quad means you can continue with your day.
What beer do you order at Smokes?
Bud Light – their newest marketer has successfully made a sale.
Ed note: Thank you kindly.
What’s your favorite Biens related food adventure?
Drunk-eating british food at 2am at the Churchill.

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