Agno Grill

8.3/10.0      2104 Chestnut Street     (267) 858-4590      $


About a month ago, my friend Katie was telling me about her obsession with Agno Grill. Katie is a particularly healthy eater, and in an attempt to work towards a spring break bikini bod, I decided to give it a try. The attempt at a diet ended pretty quickly, but my attachment to Agno stands.

Agno is essentially the Mediterranean version of Chipotle. You can get a wrap, rice bowl, or salad, and start with a base of baked falafel, chicken, lamb meatballs, braised steak, or salmon. From there, you choose sides and sauces. Instead of getting soda, you can let your inner betch out and try one of their pressed juices. The difference from Chipotle is that everything is actually super healthy and you won’t be in a food coma for the next six hours after eating it. A salad is the perfect size for lunch, but I get the wrap for dinner – the bread is DELICIOUS.

You can’t really go wrong ordering, so just do you and things will probably work out for the best. If I offer you any words of wisdom, though, it’s to get the hummus. It’s thick and mild, tasting way more fresh than the “Tribe” and “Sabra” brands you have in your refrigerator. The quinoa tabouli, minted carrots, and roasted cauliflower are also all bomb. In my opinion the chicken is over-seasoned and kind of dry, but other people really seem to like it so definitely ask for a taste if that’s what you’re into. If you want to be like me (don’t you?), check out the falafel or salmon.

There are two negative sides to Agno Grill. Firstly, most of the people who work at Agno are complete SUHAs (that means they have sticks up their asses, if you were curious). I’d like to ask a question without being given a condescending response, and the people who work there seem to forget that most people haven’t actually tried every ingredient offered. They have like 6 different sauces and I’m sorry I won’t know what “lemon tahini” tastes like unless I try it. Second, they don’t deliver to 41st Street unless you order from Caviar. What the fuck, Agno?

Anyway, since I don’t want to finish talking about a place I actually really like on a sour note, I’ll leave you with this: Agno is a great place to go post-workout, post-shopping, post-drinking too much the night before and feeling disgusting. It’s never crowded so you can always find a place to sit and get your food quickly, and the food is consistently on fleek. Try it out before you’re stuffing your face with quesadillas and tequila in Mexico.

*photos taken from Agno Grill Facebook page*

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